Thursday, August 30, 2012

Biting The Bullet

Well... Here we are again. I quit blogging late last year when life got busy during the holidays. And then i just disappeared from the blogosphere all together. Will and I were hoping for a baby sooner than later so it became more and more difficult for me to blog about movies, TV and what I was loving on Wednesdays without typing OH, AND I CAN'T WAIT TO BE PREGNANT in all capital letters. So, in the essence of self control and respecting my hubby's privacy I decided to go MIA for a while. 

No need for the all caps craziness now... we are having a baby this fall. She's due November 12 and we couldn't be happier!

So, where have I been for my first seven months of pregnancy?... In a nutshell I thought it would be so cliche of me to be "just another mommy blogger." So, I wasn't going to blog. 

Then today I had two epiphanies. First, a good friend let me look at the notebook she kept when she first had her baby. It was really helpful for me but I could tell it was really fun for her. She read so many things that she didn't remember and it was sweet to watch her recall all of her little girl's "firsts" that she had written down. I am historically terrible at keeping any kind of journal or diary. But I was pretty good about blogging so this will really be a tool for me to remember this exciting part of life! My second realization was that 90% of the blogs I follow are mommy blogs! So, why wouldn't I want to be one of them? I mean... Come on... I know it was just a case of me over thinking the whole thing. If you get bored reading about my pregnancy or my kid that's totally cool with me. Just. Quit. Reading. ;-) 

So here I am. With so much news. Really just so much new. In the interest of brevity I am going to bullet point some things for now. Maybe later I'll go into some of them in more detail but for now here's the laundry list of life lately for some VERY Happy Peeples:

  • On March 1 of this year we found out life would never be the same. We were having a baby! The next day we left for Aspen for Will's spring break. It was a whirlwind of a week and my tale of being newly pregnant and skiing for the first time is one I will definitely share some time.
  • April and May were filled with excitement, nausea, nervousness and lots of Chef Boyardee (don't judge... when you're sick you'll eat anything that sounds good). This is also when we shared our news with family and friends which has been one of the most fun parts of pregnancy so far. 
  • This summer has flown but the highlight was definitely in June when we found out Baby Peeples is a girl! I had acted really open to having a boy or a girl but deep down I really wanted a girl. I was thrilled! And Will put on a brave face and has gotten really excited about our little girl, too. *Side note: I just had to scroll through Facebook to figure out when we had this ultrasound! I'm already forgetting things! WHY did I resist blogging for so long?! Ugh.* 
  • When we found out we were expecting we almost immediately started talking names. We landed on a boy name pretty quickly but committing to a girl's name gave us a lot of trouble. But after finally accepting that I was going to choose a name from a baby name book (something that I will now admit I have always judged others for) Will and I decided to name our sweet girl Greer Allan Peeples. We both really loved the name Greer - it just seemed strong, classic and just unique enough for us. Her middle name means a lot to me. It was my middle name and is my dad's middle name. It was also my great-grandmother and aunt's middle name. Both of these wonderful women went to heaven in past year or so and I wanted to honor them. Also, there aren't two better women for Greer to know she was named after... They were both amazingly strong and funny women. 
  • I'm now in my third trimester and we're just 10 short weeks (at most) from meeting our sweet baby girl. Two weeks ago Greer's cousin Francis Holman entered the world and I cannot tell you how impatient that made me. Francis is beautiful and so very perfect. Looking at her sweet face just made me want to hold and love on Greer that much more! 

So... we've got 2.5 months, 3 showers, 1 Hog football game, 2 weddings and much more to go before Greer gets here in November. Lots to be thankful for, to look forward to AND to blog about! Until then, Happy Labor Day!