Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My little (big) eight-month-old!

It is so cliché to be shocked at how quickly Greer is growing every month... But EIGHT months old?! We are closing in on a year faster than I am comfortable with. 

This past month has been really fun, though. G is in such a fun, easy phase. She's sitting up and playing on her own really well, she's pretty solidly on a schedule and I see her personality more and more every day! I LOVE being her mommy! 

So, here are some milestones...

- I have no idea how long she is or what she weighs because we haven't been to the doctor in two months. But she is still a big girl. I can tell you that my mom's back was sore after a weekend of never putting her down. ;-)

- She is eating lots of baby food and we're still dipping our toes into the finger-food-pond. We'll get there. Right now she's taking five bottles per day. But she's pretty consistently leaving formula in the bottle so we're going to re-evaluate our bottle schedule in the next week or so. I just love that every time we settle into a schedule there is another change to make. 

- She wears mostly 12 month clothes. Very few 6-12 mo. items still fit and she's even in some 12-18 mo. stuff. Her PJs are 12 month (new from this past week) and she wears a size 3 shoe! She finally figured out how to immediately rip her bows/headbands off her head so now I REALLY want her hair to grow so we can start pinning her bows in! 

- This month we switched to a car seat from the infant seat. She is much happier in the bigger car seat because she sits upright in it. She doesn't nap as well in it but she's so much more content so things are more pleasant during the hours we spend traveling. All in all she's become a great traveler! 

- She is a good mix of being a little social butterfly but still is an independent girl, too. She loves other kids and likes to interact with people for the most part. But she also likes her space and alone time. Hopefully she'll be a good combo of mom and dad. Social like Will and independent like me. 

- She is babbling a lot now. Lots of "babababas" and "mamamamas". She will also throw a few "dadadas" in the mix but I am quick to say "mama" when that happens. ;-) She's also giggling a lot and gives sugars. 

- She cut her two bottom teeth this month! She was cranky those two or three days but she wasn't nearly as fussy as I expected. 

This past month has been a fun one! We started it in Memphis, had a couple of family weekends at home, had a garage sale, and then spent the last week and a half in Little Rock. We're looking forward to a hot July full of daddy's bar studies and mommy's attempts to keep this baby cool and happy!