Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Month!

I can't believe our little girl is one month old! She continues to be the greatest blessing I could ever imagine. Here are some notes about her first month of life:

- She is a growing girl! 8 lbs 7 oz, 20 inches at birth. 9 lbs 6 oz, 22 inches at her three week appointment. And I think she MIGHT weigh over 10 lbs now... I feel like she's grown a ton in the last week.

- She continues to have a super laid back disposition. As she's awake more and more during the day I get nervous that she'll fuss and cry more. But in actuality she is just as content as she can be. We're continuing to keep our fingers crossed, hold our breath and say our prayers about it!

- In most pictures her eyes look brown but they are actually dark blue. They could obviously still change to brown or green but right now they're blue!

- She is starting to focus on things. I can tell when she's looking right at me and I love it. She's also starting to lay on her play mat and watch the mobile.

- She's still eating well and is down to six minutes on each side. Efficiency makes mommy happy because feedings are pretty quick!

- She is SUCH a good nighttime sleeper. Last night she fell asleep at midnight and I woke her up at 5:00 to eat. I know I am crazy to wake a baby but when you breast feed and it has been seven plus hours (she had gotten an 11:00 bottle so I could sleep) then we'll talk.

- We are getting out of the house together more and more. Yesterday I even fed her in the mommy room at Nordstrom. She was great for our entire day of lunch and mall shopping. I, however, was totally worn out by the time we left.

- She's been spitting up lately. Spitting up is my least favorite thing. I know that babies spit up - it comes with the territory. But every time I think it's because I've done something wrong. But there are fifteen different things that can make her spit up and some of them just can't be helped. And she never cries when it happens so I THINK she still loves me. ;-)

- She has grown out of most newborn things other than sleep sack/dresses. Mostly she's in 0-3 month clothes now.

- Each day her life is documented on Instagram and Facebook by her overly proud mother. Sue me. I do wonder how many people have removed me from their timelines, though. I know they're out there. Ha.

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I haven't posted on Facebook. You'd think I wouldn't have any left... But you would be oh-so wrong!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Thankful

It is not hard to guess what I am thankful for this year. Growing up I never babysat and never wanted to hold babies. I loved my cousins but even they made me a little uncomfortable when they were really little. Then I got married and something inside me shifted. I was baby crazy. I knew that we would benefit from being married for a few years pre-kids but the dynamic with Will and me has always been me negotiating to start our family earlier than later. I say all of that just to point out that this girl is the answer to prayers that I've been praying for a long time. And I am beyond grateful for her precious life.

These first three weeks with her have both flown and creeped by... I feel like she just got here and has been here forever. It has been a major adjustment to have another human depend on you for everything. There is no copping out of parent duties because you're tired or not in the mood. Particularly when you are the food source. But Will and I have amazingly supportive and selfless families. My mom stayed for a week and Will's mom has been here for the past week. It is so much easier for me to tend to Greer when I have a sweet mamma here tending to me. My water cup has not been empty since she was born, my house is as clean as it's ever been, I have slept well and often, I haven't done a load of laundry myself since I was pregnant, life is good.

So, true to form here is a list of the specific things I am thankful for today:

- Greer is a happy girl. She has such a laid back disposition. She's only awake for several hours a day but during those hours she is just as content as she can be. If she's crying then she is hungry, cold or you are messing with her too much. If she is full and clothed, she is happy.

- She is a growing girl. Breast feeding is going well. But it is an art... not a science. So I am so thrilled that she weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. at her appointment yesterday! She has gained almost a pound since birth. Which makes mommy happy and much more relaxed that she is getting what she needs.

- I feel great. I was so worried about post-partum issues before she was born. But my body and mind are both holding up great! Being her mom comes with a lot of pressure and unsure moments but I am thankful that I feel nothing but love and joy. I know that's not the case for everyone and I'm grateful it is for me. Also, I have my follow up appointment with my doctor next week and I'm hopeful that I'll get the go ahead to start taking Greer on walks and get back to normal physical activities. I feel great so hopefully the doc will give the green light!

- I am thankful for a God who has poured out so many blessings on us through this child. I told Will this week that I am trying to accept these gifts for what they are and just be grateful... instead of guilty. I have to admit that I have moments where I just feel bad for how well everything is going. I keep thinking, "This is supposed to be a lot harder!" But I am doing better every day. I have an angel baby - and I'll keep her!

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and that you are also able to count your blessings today. Here are some pictures of our happy girl!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

And then the world shifted...

Well, Greer Allan Peeples decided it was time to meet her mom and dad on November 1! She is here and doing so well. I always thought this post would be hard to write... And I was right, because SO much has happened in the last week. I cannot begin to describe how much love I have felt - not only FOR Greer and Will but FROM so many wonderful family and friends. So, how did we get here? Let's start with last Wednesday...

Wednesday was my last day at work. It ended up being a pretty busy work day (not really just a day wandering the halls saying goodbye) and the only thing I can really say is that I felt weird. I had some painful (but still irregular) contractions and just felt sort of odd all day. I attributed all of that to the majorness of my last day (and the brownie dessert I shamelessly ate at lunch). BUT I did tell a group of coworkers before I left that I'd probably have her tomorrow because my body will somehow know that now I'm finished at the office. My water broke about eight hours later.

I woke up at 12:30 a.m. for one of my midnight bathroom breaks. As soon as I laid back down in the bed my water broke. Will was watching TV after taking a practice test for a standardized test he had (and still took because he's a rockstar) on Saturday. Poor guy never went to bed. I walked into the living room and told him I was pretty sure my water had broken. We called the doc, Will threw together a bag and we headed to the hospital. I was pretty confident that my water had broken and this was it but I think a mixture of denial and being gun shy kept us from calling most family until we were at the hospital. I knew that as soon as we sounded the alarms everyone would on the interstate pretty quickly. In the middle of the night. So we wanted to be sure. By the time we were checking into the hospital reality set it and we called everyone. They were all on the road within the hour. They are AMAZING!!

So, after checking in, confirming I was in labor and a move up to the labor and delivery floor we were officially in business. I'm not going to go into every detail of the night here so here are the highlights:

- Epidurals are awesome. I was nervous to get one, it did hurt to get it but not nearly as much as I expected, I had a hiccup with mine and they had to switch the actual medicine I got, but I was very affirmed that it was the right decision for me. As scary as labor was... That part was superb. ;-)

- IV's are not awesome. My veins rolled twice. Third attempt was a charm. And that charm left me with a bruise covering the entire back of my left hand that STILL has not gone away.

- Once you've had a baby no "private" part of your body will feel "private" ever again. It took an hour at the hospital before I forgot that it should be embarrassing to show 15 different people your nether-region. Just saying.

- My husband is my favorite adult on this planet (and I love this baby but it's still a tie for favorite person overall). He brought just the right amount of sweetness, support, humor and faithfulness to the entire experience. AND he did bring half of Greer's DNA to the table so I will be eternally grateful for that fact alone.

- I went from less than half-way there to pushing in an hour and a half. Greer was not messing around. It. Was. Time. 35 minutes later, she was here. I am so thankful for a healthy girl but I am also thankful for a quick and relatively painless labor. It's not lost on me how fortunate I was there. And I'm grateful.

- The early morning of November 1 affirmed my faith in our Almighty God like no other experience in my life. Over and over I saw how perfect His timing is and I felt so cared for by Him. We have a happy, healthy baby. I have been a happy, healthy mamma. Watching Will be a daddy has made me fall in love with him all over again. I just can't say enough how the Lord has had his hands all over us this past week. I will praise and worship Him forever for this precious girl's life.

So, at 10:37 on November 1 Greer cried her first cry, announcing the arrival of a special, beautiful woman. She has her daddy's dark hair and her mommy's hands and feet. Other than that you'll have to ask the grandmothers who she looks like. ;-) As far as I'm concerned she looks like Greer and my heart really did grow when I looked into her eyes. She has been such an angel and I can't begin to tell you how fortunate we are. I'll update more with how things are going but I will say that we are doing great! Our first pediatrician appointment is tomorrow so we'll also know more then!

Until I post again, much love from the very Happy Peeples!