Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Months Old!

One day I will start posting for reasons other than age milestones. One day. But TODAY my baby girl is two months old! And that deserves an update!

- She continues to become more and more alert. She will sometimes smile at you when you talk to her, which is the best feeling ever! She has also found her tongue, which is really cute.

- She is sleeping well at night. We are definitely not on a regular schedule yet but she will usually give me a 5-7 hour stretch from 11:00 - 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00. I kiss all over her on the 6:00 days. ;-) When we get back to Nashville we are going to start a bedtime routine at about 9:00. I know I'm going to be TERRIBLE at letting her cry so we'll see how that goes. Stay tuned...

- She has learned to love being held. We have been in Little Rock for the past three weeks and the girl has hardly ever been put down. I am in big trouble when we get home. Again, I'm not good at the crying it out thing. Eek. I'm going to get very good at doing everything one-handed.

- Carolyn and I unofficially weighed her yesterday (I weighed myself and then reweighed while holding Greer) and she was 13.5 lbs!! I know other moms understand... Weight gain is so reassuring.

- There is still a great debate about who she looks like. I think the take away is that she is a good mixture and really looks like me sometimes and Will sometimes. She has one expression where she furrows her eyebrows and IS Will Peeples.

The first two months of Greer's life have been a whirlwind. We had such great help from our moms for the first month in Nashville, we had Will's family to our house for Thanksgiving, Will had finals, we've been in Little Rock for three weeks, Christmas was spent bouncing around AR visiting family, we spent two nights without power in Hot Springs, and now we have started a new year! We are headed home to Nashville on Thursday and I am really looking forward to starting our new normal.

Greer, you have already brought us so much joy. You are the greatest blessing we could ever imagine and I cannot wait to get to know you better each day. Your parents love you to the moon and back.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Six Weeks Old

I can't believe we have been parents for six weeks! But I honestly can't decide if that seems long or short compared to how I feel. I can't believe she's six weeks old already but I also don't remember sleeping through the night. ;-) She is doing so great and I continue to love her more every day. I still look at her little face and cannot fathom how blessed we are. She is happy and healthy... And she's ours!

Here are some updates:

- She weighed 11 lbs. 12 oz. at her appointment today. She is growing, which makes me happy and relieved! I knew she was bigger but having the weight confirmation was encouraging since I'm solely breast feeding. Feeding has been going well but every time she eats I will wonder if she's gotten too much or not enough... So it's just so great to know that's she's a growing girl!

- She has started smiling and cooing! I love hearing her little voice and when she looks at me and smiles... I absolutely melt. Funnily enough she smiles the most when I'm changing her diaper. That usually means that changes are prolonged so that I can talk and smile with her. And also that I get peed on a lot. Worth it.

- She's still eating every three hours during the day. Then in the evening she is usually hungry closer to every two hours or even less. But "power feeding" before bed does help us get a longer stretch at night. The other night she ate at 11:00 and then didn't wake up until 6:30!!! I almost fell out of bed when I looked at the clock. Now, that was a fluke. But I can consistently get a 4-6 hour stretch from her at night.

- Will took his last exam for this semester yesterday! He has been really good about spending some time each day with her but I am really looking forward to him having more free time. And I'm excited for Greer to be a little more interactive... I want lots of Daddy daughter bonding time for them!

- She has had some tummy aches in the last few days. We've started giving her mylecon (sp?) drops and I think that has helped. She is such a sweet girl that she fusses only in the moments when it hurts but she spent a few days awake way more than she should have been because she was uncomfortable. I'm hoping we're moving on from the tummy aches.

- She got her vaccinations today. It was hard to watch her scream when she felt the first one. Ugh. But the other two were finished so quickly and she had seriously quit crying before I could even get her paci in her mouth. Such a tough girl.

- Weeks 1 through 6 have been great! Now we will spend weeks 7 through 9 in the great state of Arkansas. It will be great for family and friends to get to see/meet her. And it will be a crash course in traveling and running around with a baby for her mommy and daddy! I'm nervous and excited! Any and all prayers are much appreciated.

Here are some previously unposted pictures of our precious girl!