Sunday, February 10, 2013

Three Months!

I'm behind! This will be my first "update" to be posted late... The first many, I'm sure. But so much has happened in the past month! I cannot believe that we were still in Little Rock when Greer turned two months. And now my little baby is three months old! So crazy.

But in the last month we have finally gotten into somewhat of a routine. Each day is still a little different but I do feel comfortable with her eating schedule and nighttime sleep schedule - which is amazing. Naps on the other hand...

So here is an update on our girl!!

- At three months I'm pretty sure she weighed between 15 & 16 lbs. I broke down and bought a scale for our house but it's not digital and I weighed not holding her and then holding her, so it's a rough estimate. (We have her next pediatrician appt on Valentine's Day)

- She is sleeping through the night like such an angel! We give her a bottle of breast milk sometime between 8:30 & 9:30 and rock her to sleep immediately. Then my sweet child sleeps until 7:00! Now, sometimes she's up at 6:30 but today it was 7:30. She has hovered around that 7:00 hour for over a week. Praise God for so much sleep for mommy!

- She is so much more playful! She is the smiliest (it's a word) baby and if you work really hard for it she'll laugh at you. She's also sitting up really well and even stands with your hands holding her hips. She doesn't seem to be close to rolling over yet but I'm not as good about making her do tummy time so that's probably my fault.

- Naps... Yeah, right now she's still briefly napping between each feeding. She'll sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I rarely get her to sleep for more than an hour more than once a day but she does nap several times. And I'm honestly not sure how to switch to a morning nap and long afternoon nap. I've let Greer dictate her schedule (other than making a concerted effort to move her bedtime up a few weeks ago). So I'm totally gun shy about forcing a nap schedule on her and messing with my happy baby! Maybe in my four month post I'll say "Greer put herself on a nap schedule." Haha. We'll see.

- Speaking of her schedule here is her feeding schedule right now (these are pretty much all give-or-take half an hour and this is really so that I can look back at this one day):
7:00 wake up and eat
9:00 eat again in order to get on a 9:00 schedule (this allows me to have her on a regular schedule without having to "stretch" her in the morning - instead she has two meals fairly close together)
12:00 meal
3:00 meal
6:00 meal
9:00 meal (this one is pretty flexible because if she's grumpy and hungry she may eat as early as 8:00 but if we have something to do that night we may adjust the schedule enough for her to eat as late at 9:30)

- Other random things I want to remember:
1.  She has just started to grab things and bring them to her mouth.
2. She loves sticking out her tongue at you. And she loves when you stick your tongue out at her, too.
3. She loves to Face Time. She will look right at the phone screen and smile at whomever we're chatting with. I especially love doing this with our families far away since she is reaching the age where she recognizes faces.
4. She likes her play mat for 15-20 minutes and her exersaucer for 5-10 minutes. I expect those two things to switch in the next month or so.
5. Since I started putting her in her crib at night she has started to rub the hair off the back of her head. But it's not nearly as bad as it could be. And her hair is definitely getting thicker on top!
6. Her eyes are still dark blue. I know in pictures they are so dark that they look brown but there's not a fleck of brown in them. I keep thinking they'll turn green but they haven't yet.
7. She cries BIG tears. And she cries them the second she tunes up. I won't feel like she's crying that hard and I'll look down to see tears streaming down her face. Breaks. My. Heart.

So.. That's the update on our girl! This next month brings travels to Memphis, Little Rock and North Carolina! We are so excited! I will be very good at packing for baby by the end of it!