Thursday, July 28, 2011

Theater Thursday 7.29.11

It's Theater Thursday again! I got great feedback last week and have been pumped about writing about movies again! I got this TALL order from Will's sister, Sara, on Tuesday:

I have some ideas for your Thursday blog (really I am just interested in your opinion on these things because your movie knowledge is practically infinite compare to mine):

Favorite movie quotes
Romantic comedies
Regular comedies
Period pieces
Adaptation of a novel into a screenplay
Onscreen couple chemistry
Holiday movies
Independent films
(Loosely) based on a true story
Films of the 80s (or any other decade)
Actors/actresses you love/hate or would like to meet and why?
Grossly underrated/overrated films

Did you make it through the list of Oscar-winning films? What were your top ten?

Sometimes a "worst" list can be fun too.

Looking forward to your next post!
See you soon,


Okay, Sara... I will get to all of them eventually, I promise! I feel like a challenge has been extended. And I am up for it!

For today: Best Black & Whites (for Mrs. Ann!), Best Romantic Comedies (for Sara!), Best Main Character Demise (for the Debbie Downer in me!). Side note: All the movies on my list are links to their IMDB pages in case you want to check them out further. :-)

Best Black & Whites. Sometimes we need to be transported back in time and enjoy simpler laughs and lighter plot lines. Here are my favorites:
1. The Philadelphia Story - This is actually one of my favorite movies overall. Kate Hepburn is incredibly funny and a style icon. This movie also has Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart - love and love. Side note: anyone who thinks my dog is named after the Showtime show is wrong. He is named for Cary Grant's character in this movie... C.K. Dexter Haven!
2. Schindler's List - I mentioned this one last week but it's worth mentioning again here. Forget Harry Potter, Ralph Fiennes is terrifying in this movie. Also, the little girl in the red dress makes the black and white that much more powerful.
3. Casablanca - I love that way back when movies already had endings that really threw you. Humphrey Bogart wasn't handsome but he was a great leading man and this (along with The African Queen with Kate Hepburn... not black and white, so it didn't make this list) was his best.
4. Bringing Up Baby - It is really cheap to put two Kate Hepburn/Cary Grant movies on this list. Too bad I don't care. This movie is super funny. I mean, they lose a leopard named Baby. Brilliant.
5. It Happened One Night - Claudette Colbert lifts her skirt to flash her calf in order to catch a ride. It's amazing to think of a time when that would have happened - and worked. And Clark Gable is ten times better in this than in Gone With the Wind. Trust me.

Best Romantic Comedies. Starting this list I thought, "This will be tough because I really don't like a lot of romantic comedies." They always seem so contrived. Then I started the list and had to whittle it down to five! Guess I am a bigger sap than I thought:
1. Notting Hill - In high school I literally wore my VHS copy of this movie out. I would put it in every night and fall asleep to the sounds of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts flirting and fighting. I love this movie so much. And there is a random Alec Baldwin appearance!
2. You've Got Mail - Best ending to a romantic comedy ever (in my humble opinion). It's one of those movies where you know how it's going to end but Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are so great in it that I cry every time. Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background definitely kills me, too. "I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly." Ugh!
3. The Mirror Has Two Faces - Okay, I put a Barbra Streisand movie on my best romantic comedies list. Will is mortified, I am sure. But 'The Dude' (Jeff Bridges) is also in this, so does that help me at all? Anyway, I could have known way back when that I was going to be an odd duck because I loved this movie at the age of 11, when I first saw it. Weird. I know.
4. Something's Gotta Give - This was a really tough call for me - Something's Gotta Give vs. It's Complicated (both great Nancy Meyers movies). BUT, I was actually kind of rooting for her to end up with Alec Baldwin in It's Complicated. So, when thinking about which one is the better romantic comedy I had to go with Something's Gotta Give. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson are both priceless. I could watch it a hundred times.
5. The American President - "My name is Andrew Shepherd and I AM the President." Michael Douglas. Annette Bening. Martin Sheen. Michael J. Fox. I think this is my favorite romantic comedy. It's kind of campy and silly at times (and I don't always agree with the politics, clearly) BUT I just love the idea of someone dating the president. Especially when that president is Michael Douglas at his hottest. And Michael J. Fox says "chicken sh*t" - which is hilarious. Okay, I need to watch this movie again soon. Love it.

Best Main Character Demise - this may be strange (read: I know that it is strange) but I happen to like a lot of movies where the main character dies at the end. I think it's because I feel like I saw that person's whole story. I am not a pessimist by nature but when two characters "ride off into the sunset" at the end of a movie I tend to think, "Yeah, sure. They started arguing about who was driving three seconds after the word 'cut.'" Okay, these are major spoilers if you haven't seen them:
1. Moulin Rouge - Okay, the first time I saw this movie I have to admit that I left the theater confused and hating it. HOWEVER, one crazy day that I don't remember I decided to watch it again. And. I. Loved. It. Baz Luhrmann is such a different and awesome (in the literal sense of that word) director. Moulin Rouge is his story of love through song and it's so fun to watch, sing along to (the songs are all reworkings of pop songs) and cry through. The ending is tragic but completes the love story so poignantly. Also, if you get a wild hair you should watch Strictly Ballroom (his love story through dance). It is crazy and hilarious... and no one dies!
2. Braveheart - I know he's gone crazy since then but there is a reason he's an Academy Award winner and this is it. This is one of those guy movies that girls can still enjoy. And his death scene at the end is really sobering.
3. Million Dollar Baby - I vividly remember seeing this in the theater when I was in college. I also remember rewatching it and catching all of the foreshadowing that Eastwood did that I never caught the first time around. This movie has so many layers. And the fact that I can love it so much despite the fact that Hillary Swank is in it is a testament in and of itself.
4. American Beauty - Ok. I know that this movie is seriously twisted. However, it is also fascinating. It is so interesting to watch how quickly someone's life can really spiral out of control. And Kevin Spacey is one of the best living actors. For sure. Another one of his that could have made this list is The Life of David Gale. Heavy.
5. Out of Africa - "I had a farm in Africa." It is clearly no longer a secret that I have a weird love for Meryl (I got a text from my friend Anna that she saw her at dinner in LA and immediately thought of me - ha). And this is one of her best ever. And it has Robert Redford. That, my friends, is what we call an embarrassment of riches. The love story in this is irresistible. He washes her hair for crying out loud. If you've never seen this movie watch it. I haven't ruined it for you by putting it on this list so don't worry about that.

Hope you enjoyed today's lists. Signing out for a long weekend in Little Rock!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - 7.27.11

Happy Wednesday. Here's what I am loving so much this week...

1. My Husband. Go ahead... roll your eyes, gag, skip this paragraph. I don't really care. I am obsessing over Will this week. Partly because I haven't seen him in three weeks and finally get to break that streak tomorrow night and partly because he's just worth obsessing over. He is hilarious and such a great husband. Ugh, just love him. Tomorrow is going to be the longest drive to Little Rock of. my. life.

2. Nashville Friends. My awesome friends here have saved me while Will has been out of town. We have gotten to spend so much time together and have had so many meals (since my personal chef hasn't been here - in case you're curious, Will cooks all our meals and I eat like a college student when he's not here). It has just been so great to grow closer to them. Love them!

Some of the girls with Dierks Bentley. After singing on his new album on my birthday. No big deal.

3. Ephesians. This is the book I strive to live by. I love that I can read it in one sitting. I love that it encourages me to be the best version of myself. I love that I always find something else that I really need to work on and I learn something new about God every time I read it. I looked back at my senior yearbook from high school recently and one of my quotes was Ephesians 3:20 which basically says, "God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine." How exciting is that! Loved it seven years ago and am still loving it now.

4. Google Reader. I am still loving Google reader. I keep adding new blogs to follow and am loving being able to keep up with and learn about people's lives and their interests. Blogs are such a fun way to keep up with what's going on in your life and in others' lives. 
5. Diet Coke Free! I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how I would NEVER be able to give up Diet Coke... well, I haven't had one in about a week and I have only had about three in the last several weeks! Now, I have replaced it with coffee but still! It is a major accomplishment for me to go 7 hours without DC - much less 7 days!

6. It's the end of the day - only one more until I road trip it to LR!!

Have a great Wednesday night! Talk to you tomorrow for the second ever Theater Thursday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Memory Monday 7.25.11

For whatever reason I am really ready for Football Season right now! Will started talking to me the other day about all the Hog games we might actually make it to this year (at Ole Miss, at Alabama, UT at Arkansas, LR game or two) and it got me fired up! Not to mention, the Razorbacks are coming to our backyard this year to play Vandy! Cannot wait for that weekend of hosting Hog fans in our (new) hometown!! So, today I thought I would reminisce about some of my favorite Razorback memories...
  • To explain the above title "Gawgs" - Benson Cashion (Rachel Cashion Rainwater's uncle who would not know me from Adam) semi-famously yells "Gawgs" before the Razorback games.... basically, after hours of tailgating "Go Hogs" slowly become "Gawgs" by game time. I love it.
  • Our senior year of high school Will and I went to a Hog game in Fayetteville with lots of friends and rode home together (just the two of us). I am pretty sure this is the weekend we decided that we "like each other" (how old am I to say that? 15?) and started dating the next week. We also took one of my favorite pictures ever... 
  • Freshman year Razorback games were so fun because each one was SUCH a big deal. The guys in fraternities had to take dates so I also feel like we got pretty stinking dressed up for those games. 
  •  Favorite games at home (just from a visiting team standpoint) Texas, USC, Alabama (post college).
  • Sitting in Steve Higginbothom's box with my mom was and is always the best way to watch a game!
  • My favorite games were always the ones where all the parents came up - mine, the Culps, the Goings, the Bryants, etc. Those weekends were such a production with dinner Friday night and huge tailgates on Saturday. And, I am aware that this is silly to even bring up because the Culps and Goings were at EVERY game.
  • Haley and Daniel got engaged the morning before a game senior year - such a fun tailgate celebrating with them that day!
  • Sophomore year - Haley, Brittany and I went to LA for the USC game. We had an amazing weekend AND met Nick Lachey at the game. 
  • Getting ready for Fayetteville games and putting together those red, black and white outfits. So fun. Still fun.
  • The last home game I went to as a student Brittany and I stayed in the stadium until it was empty. We just could. not. leave. And we took lots of pictures. Great memories!
  • I love telling people in Tennessee that I am a Razorback. Bite me Vols.
  • Going back to The Hill for the Alabama game... Amazing game and even better time!
  •  The Hogs aren't always good, sometimes they're almost great. But I love them no matter what!!
USC Game - With Nick Lachey
With Sooie!!

Hate to see you leave but I love to watch you go...
Loved when SueSue would come to the games!

The day Haley got engaged!
Last game - GO HOGS!!!!!!
Last game - I will miss you, Razorbacks. :-(
Back for the Alabama game - we look like such grown ups in this picture.
Talk to you tomorrow, Hog Fans!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theater Thursday!

Well, by popular Facebook demand I am going to be writing about movies on Thursdays! And, by popular I mean that five people commented and voted for movies. Do five people constitute a "gaggle"? I would like to say that a gaggle of people would like to hear my opinion on various movies...

ANYWAY, I can't think of a movie right now that is worthy of being my "first movie review" so instead I am going to talk about my movie obsession and give you a few "best" lists.

So, here is my deal with movies. I love them. I love watching them, analyzing them, re-watching them, discussing them, reading about them, everything. I also like all types of movies. I joke that if you look at what Netflix suggests for me you really might think I'm a serial killer. It's always SO random. In fact, looking at what they are recommending for me today I have already found a jewel... The first genre that's listed (usually they put a very specific genre that they think you'll like) is "Emotional Romantic Dysfunctional-Family Movies" - HA!! Netflix knows me so well.

So, without further ado I give you a couple of my "best" lists - just so that you can see how all over the place I am...

Best "I am an intellectual and I love these movies..."
-This list is from the movie snob in me
  1. Schindler's List - The best thing Spielberg ever did. Sorry, Jurassic Park and ET.
  2. Seven - Brilliant. So scary but so smart. And I don't want to slap Brad Pitt in it - bonus.
  3. Out of Africa - I know I will never get a friend to sit down and watch this with me but it's my all time favorite Meryl movie, which is saying A LOT. 
  4. The Sting - GREAT movie with some serious eye candy for the females.
  5. Citizen Kane - Most boring movie ever and I hate that it's on the top of every "Best Movies of All Time" list but movies are what they are now because of Orson Welles so you have to respect that.
    Best Movies to Watch with a Guy
    -I like a good macho flick every once in a while and these are my favs because there's something for everyone
    1. Casino - Mob movie with Sharon Stone's fabulous '90s wardrobe (Scorsese's Goodfellas could be interchangeable here because I also love Lorraine Bracco)  
    2. The Usual Suspects - This is definitely in my top three movies of ALL TIME
    3. Batman - The original is seriously amazing. I always forget that it's a Tim Burton movie until I watch it. 
    4. Old School - The original raunchy movie with this set of guys is still my favorite
    5. The Patriot - War, Revenge, Melodrama, Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson at their best
    Best Guilty Pleasures
    -I love these and I'm not ashamed to say it. Well, not too ashamed to say it...
    1. The Little Mermaid - STILL one of my favorite movies.
    2. Big Business - Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler each play a set of twins that get switched at birth. One grows up in NYC and one in the county. Instant classic. 
    3. It's Complicated - I am not ashamed to like (read: love) this movie but I am very embarrassed by how often I watch it. Let's just say... it's on my cell phone.
    4.  Saved! - Okay, this movie is super tongue-in-cheek but I really love it. Mandy Moore almost makes fun of Mandy Moore. And Susan Sarandon's daughter is AMAZING.
    5. The Mirror Has Two Faces - Okay, this is REALLY embarrassing... I. Love. Barbra. I also love Jeff Bridges and he's great in this movie. 
    Okay, I can think of a hundred more lists so I may do at least one of these each week. I'm already dying to make a "Best Movie Quotes" list. Oh, I am going to love Thursdays on the blog! But until then... TGTF (Thank God Tomorrow's Friday)!!

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    What I'm Loving Wednesday - 7.20.11

    It's that time again! I think this is my favorite entry to write each week and I totally stole it from Rebekah. Oops... Oh well. Here's what I have been loving this past week!

    1. Panera Coffee. Starting last Monday I have been going to Panera each morning to have coffee, some quiet time and to read my b.i.b.l.e. I am really enjoying the time since I am a morning person anyway. I have been going to Panera because it's on my way to work and there are too many distractions (like my bed, TV, dog, etc.) at my house. But I am also enjoying the hazelnut coffee! And when I really want to treat myself (or when I have a free one on my Panera card!) I will get a hazelnut latte. Mmmm...

    2. Promotions. Not going to say much but I have worked really hard over the past year with this particular goal in mind. On Thursday I was promoted to Senior Operations Manager and it seriously just feels great to accomplish a goal like that!

    ^^New Email Signature^^

    3. Moonlighting. Okay, it is not secret that I love anything from the 80's, fab clothes AND I love watching old TV shows. Well... I have found the trifecta and it even includes Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd and some serious sexual tension. O.M.G. I love this show. I bought the first three seasons on DVD. I couldn't stand it last night so I looked up when they finally get together so that I knew how many episodes I have to go. It's like I know where the finish line is so I have to watch all these other episodes as fast. as. possible. And I am loving every minute of it.
    I want this dress. Shoulder pads and all.

    4. All things turquoise and teal. Can't really explain it but if I were Picaso this would be my "Teal Period." It seems like everything I pick out lately is in this color group. Evidence:

    Toes. Is this as creepy as I think?
    Phone - current cover.
    Necklace - BONUS Awkward Turtle pic!

    5.  Countdown. Every day that goes by is a day I'm closer to seeing Will! Right now it's just seven days until I'm in the Rock town for a long weekend!!

    That's all, folks. Loving life on this Wednesday!!

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Memory Monday

    Today's Memory Monday is going to be picture heavy. As I said last Wednesday, talking to Will on the phone so much has been really nostalgic. It has me remembering all our days of dating in high school and college. And so... I give you a Will and Caroline retrospective...

    9th Grade FSM Winter Chill - Photographic Gold

    10th Grade - Will had probably just called one of my parents by his/her first name. And he still wears that shirt, which I find amazing.

    11th Grade Winter Formal - It's a long story but Will had broken up with me four days earlier. Lucky for him things turned out okay!

    12th Grade Football Game - Yes, I was the mascot and Will was in a kilt. Made for each other.

    Senior Prom - I didn't know yet that I would be laughing with him for a long, long time.

    The only picture we took together Freshman year. And I had to crop Brittany out, haha. But I love that I have a Bush/Cheney sticker on... classic.

    Summer after Freshman year. This is when we decided to stick it out through college. And when I had SUPER blonde hair. Ha.

    Will came to visit me Sophomore year - we were pumped to see each other.

    Ray & Amy's Rehearsal Dinner - Junior year. Such a great weekend!

    Christmas Junior year - if that's not love, I don't know what is.

    Will's 21st Birthday in Nashville. Crazy to think that i was two years away from moving here! And that I married the goon in this picture.

    The weekend we got engaged - so happy.

    And the rest is history... 

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Mommy Dearest

    First of all, I want to be clear that the title of this entry does NOT refer to Joan Crawford. Although, like Joan Crawford, my mom and I both hate wire hangers. ANYWAY, on this Friday I would like to just give a shout out to my mom! I sent some (well deserved) love to my mother-in-law earlier this week and realized that, other than thanking her for my still-super-awesome sunglasses, I have not given my mom enough TLC on here!! Sticking with my bullet point ways (which I have now realized I think I have subconsciously stolen from my sister-in-law Amy) here is the tip of the ice berg about my mom:

    • I came into her life very early and we have been best friends ever since.
    • We have the same hands.
    • Spending a day or lazy night with just she and Susan is one of the most fun things I can do. They are so funny and SUPER entertaining when they get in a silly mood.
    • I have had the privilege of learning from her examples and the benefit of learning from some of her mistakes. She has always been so open and honest with me that it has been easy to do both. 
    • I had to tell her what MILF (sorry to be crude) meant when Susan came home from school one day upset that her friends kept telling her that her mom was a MILF. Mom acted horrified but she totally smirked when I she thought I wasn't looking. ;-)
    • She has amazing taste in clothes, shoes, jewelry, everything. She has always been my fashion plate and she has always encouraged me to dress classically and effortlessly. I know that she cringes a little when I show up for lunch and have something really trendy on.
    • She cracks me up. I received an email from her yesterday that included the phrase "whoop ass." She is from Pine Bluff and will never change. 
    • She is the toughest woman I know. She is a survivor.
    • The word "no" is impossible for her to say without encouragement from someone else. You could ask her to drive to Alaska tomorrow pick something up for you and she would start planning out the trip.
    • Her love is the definition of unconditional. Even when people have betrayed her or hurt her she is still unwavering in her love for them. This has been an amazing example for me in my life.
    • I got my dance skills from her. In other words, my moves are all her fault. 
    • She does a killer impression of Madea. "HallelujER!!"
    • I think when other people talk about me, introduce me, label me, whatever, the list sometimes includes "married to Will, went to PA, was a Kappa, grew up in Little Rock..." but ALWAYS includes "has a super hot mom."
    • Getting pedicures with her is the best.
    • She told me with total conviction when I was 16 that Will was in love with me and that I would probably marry him. Still don't know how she did that. But I think it had something to do with hearing some of the songs he put on a mix cd for me. Ahhh... to be in high school again.
    • Do NOT call her Mary.
    • She is DYING for a grandchild. Just ask her.
    • I talk to her ALMOST every day and it is one of the highlights of my day. 
    (These pictures are repeated from a post before she came to visit me. So sue me.)

    You are a woman to love, Mom. 

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    What I'm Loving Wednesday

    It's Wednesday!! I love when the first week after a short week doesn't crawl by so first and foremost I am loving that it is Wednesday! But, on to the more fun things...

    1. To be clear - I am NOT loving Will being out of town. However, I AM loving that it's kind of nostalgic to talk to him on the phone each night. We did the long distance thing for four years and it is amazing to me how familiar talking to Will on the phone at night feels. It has been so long since that phase of our lives and relationship but it's all coming rushing back and I am actually enjoying it. I am also a silver lining kind of person so I am sure part of it is me being slightly delusional and trying to find something positive. 

    I sent this picture to Will this past weekend just to say, "Hi, dad! We miss you." and I LOVE Dexter's expression.

    2. I am loving Verizon Wireless! If you read my "ode to 501-425-3777" then you know that Will and I switched phone numbers. We did that because we were fed up with AT&T so we switched to Verizon. It was nerve-racking but totally paid off. My biggest issue with AT&T was that I didn't get service on I-freaking-40 between Nashville and LR unless I was driving through Jackson or Memphis. So. Frustrating. SO... we switched to Verizon and when I drove back from LR after the Fourth I listed to Pandora (streaming) the ENTIRE drive. It was heaven. 

    3. I am loving that Halsey is coming to visit me this weekend! I love having friends come to Nashville because (a) it is always great to see people I miss, (b) it is always great to see people I miss and not have to drive anywhere to do so and (c) it means I have an excuse to eat at some of my favorite places! Duh, it's always about food to some degree. This weekend we will be hitting Calypso Cafe, Newk's, possibly Taco Mamacita, and we'll for sure go see Horrible Bosses. So pumped! Can't wait to see (and clearly eat with) you, Hals!!

    I love this picture of us! You make me laugh, Halsey. :-)

    4. I am loving my mother-in-law! She just drove through town and I got to have lunch with her (and two others) and it is so great to see her even if it is SO brief. She is amazing and I don't deserve her. Oh, and she's taking care of my husband for the next five weeks so I'm thankful for that, too. Unless he comes home spoiled rotten, which is a possibility. But I asked her if she was going to spoil him and then send him home to me and she said, "I am going to TRY to act like a normal human being." :-) I love you, Carolyn! And I love how much you love Will!

    At the Red Bar. Summer 2010.

    Happy Wednesday!